Artificial ventilator

  Anesthesia Work System


Basic Respiration or Volume Ventilator during anesthesia


■This can be used as circuit anesthetic system by connecting with a vaporizer.

■This can be used as IPPV ventilator by itself. It's an intermittent positive pressure ventilation, and we should set tidal volume and frequency of breath.

■This prevents pressure excess of a certain pressure by setting peak airway pressure.

■Set the ventilator mode in case of no spontaneous breathing while set the standby mode in case of breathing on one's own.

■This can warm intake airs with its bulit-in heater, and reduce a stimulation and burden to animals.

■This is suitable for 150g - 7kg mammals and birds. It can be changed tidal volume from 0 to 200ml as an optional extra, and it can be used for maximum 14kg animals.









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