Hernia/Ostomy Support Belts



It's a Hernia/Ostomy Support Belt for stoma pouch. Each patient can choose from among our lots of product line based on each need rightly.




The belt is not only for scaling up the adhesion on the face plate. (1) It stabilizes whole area around hernia inguinalis. (2) It stabilizes and protects an area around hernia paraumbilicalis. (3) It makes a stoma pouch stick to a patientsecurely. Based on the above 3 items and the future needs from ostomates, they will be improved for their activity of life and safety. You will find your perfect stoma pouch, waist size, belt size, and so on.


You choose your belt from among the following sizes and categories.


* Standard (Cotton)

   * Cool Comfort (Polyster)

Apertural area
You choose a size fitting your stoma pouch.

       * Precise circle shape: 8 sizes

* Oval shape: 3 sizes

Waist size

*Adults: 5 sizes

 *Children: 3 sizes

Hight of belts

(Vertical width) 7 sizes (3-9 inches)

Position of apertural area

 *Right side

*Left side




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